Professor Martin Wooster


Professor Martin Wooster leads the Earth Observation and Wildfire Research Group, and is a physicist and Earth Observation (EO) scientist by training. Working across satellite algorithm development, EO data exploitation, airborne and ground-based remote sensing fieldwork and laboratory studies – he is a Director within NERC’s National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) and the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment & Society. Prior to joining King’s, he was a Scientific Civil Servant working on development projects involving EO for the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID).
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Ms Ana Betianu

School Research Officer

Ana provides dedicated pre- and post-award support for specific multi-partner research projects: NCEO, UK Space Agency and EU funded projects in Geography.
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Dr Mark de Jong

Research Associate

Mark’s work is focused in two primary areas – firstly the use and downscaling of satellite-derived land surface temperature data in agricultural pest management, and secondly the application of thermal remote sensing techniques in very long-term global wildfire monitoring. He is now starting work on developments underpinning the Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS), which is operated as part of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS).

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Ms Vissia Didin Ardiyani

PhD Student

Vissia is investigating an alteration of pregnancy related birth weight in pregnant women in Palangkaraya, Indonesia, exposed by toxic air during peat fires. She is employing a developed HPLC method to detect and quantity BPDE-dG adducts present in 225 normal mother blood and 150 umbilical cord blood samples. The study also quantifies the impact of outdoor air quality on indoor air quality in different house characteristics and on personal exposure of pregnant women during the peat fires.”

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Dr Daniel Fisher

Research Associate

Daniel’s current research is focused on development of top-down approaches for the estimation of biomass burning emissions, particularly in Asia and South America. He also carries out satellite-based research on the detection and characterisation of industrial gas flaring activity, ultimately aimed at tracking this information to support global gas flaring reduction efforts.
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Dr Adriana Ford

Centre Manager, Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society

Adriana supports the group’s activities and research projects which are funded by or are synergistic with the Leverhulme Centre for Wildfires, Environment and Society.

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Dr Mark Grosvenor

Research Associate

Mark’s background is in experimental fire ecology, and within the King’s team his main research foci are related to use of the Wildfire Testing Chamber [link to internal page] and in situ measurement of fire emissions.

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Dr Jiangping He

Research Computing Officer

Dr Jiangping supports the research computing in the EOFire Research Group. He is interested in algorithm/computing tool development, computer simulation, deep learning and large dataset visualization using web techniques. His research is focused on fire detection, estimation of biomass burning emissions using satellite remote sensing.
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Dr Mary Langsdale

PhD Student

Mary’s research is focused upon the derivation and validation of land surface temperature and surface spectral emissivity from infrared remote sensing. Her research exploits data from instruments such as FTIR spectrometers and hyperspectral LWIR airborne imagers.

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Miss Yanan Liu

PhD Student

Yanan’s PhD research focuses on the potential impact of smoke pollution on migratory insects.
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Dr Hannah Nguyen

PhD Student

Hannah’s main research focus is on the development of a fully top-down approach to deriving biomass burning emissions, based on use of satellite observations. Additionally she works on the validation of the resulting emissions using meteorology-driven Chemical Transport Model simulations (WRF-Chem) and ground based observations of AOD (AERONET). Hannah is associated with the Centre for Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Non-Equilibrium Systems (CANES).

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Mr Farrer Owsley-Brown

PhD Student

Farrer’s background is in physics and remote sensing of Arctic sea ice.  His current research aims to determine how remote sensing can provide information on fire intensity and fire combustion phase, and how well this enables improvement in smoke emissions estimation.

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Dr Harjinder Sembhi

Research Associate

Harjinder is a Research Associate with a background in thermal infrared land and atmospheric remote sensing. Harjinder is responsible for developing land surface temperature retrievals from drone observations over agricultural regions and using these observations to model field level evapotranspiration.

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Ms Lyanne Wylde

School Research Manager

Lyanne manages the School’s research functions and oversees delivery of research support services for staff within the School of Global Affairs

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Dr Weidong Xu

Research Associate

Weidong works on applying thermal remote sensing techniques to satellite data streams, sometimes with regards to land surface temperature but mainly to detect and quantify vegetation fire activity. He uses these data to support the addressing of key questions regarding landscape fire impacts and effects, both regionally and globally. Weidong has worked on the operational products from a series of geostationary satellites and from Sentinel-3.

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Dr Tianran Zhang

(Satellite Vu)

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Dr Thomas Dowling

(University of Leicester)

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Dr Fenner Holman

(University of Augsburg)

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Dr Kari Hyll

(Skogforst Forestry Research Institute, Sweden)

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Dr Tadas Nikonovas

(University of Wales, Swansea)

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Dr Jake Simpson

(University of Augsburg)

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Dr Patrick Freeborn

(US Forest Service)

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Dr Ronan Paugam

(US Forest Service)

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Dr Josh Johnston

(Canadian Forest Service)

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Dr Jon Atherton

(University of Helskini)

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Dr Ralph Beeby


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Dr Gareth Roberts

(University of Southampton)

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Dr Thomas Smith


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Dr Maria Tattaris

(CIMMYT Mexico)

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Dr Samuel Sperling

(IT consultant, London)

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Dr Gareth Mottram

(Birkbeck University)

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Dr George. Petropoulos

(University of Wales, Aberystwyth)

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Dr Athanassios Zoumas


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Dr Alistair Smith

(University of Idaho)

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