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Dr Mary Langsdale


Dr Mary Langsdale is an Earth Observation scientist with a particular focus on land surface temperature and emissivity retrieval and validation. Her research focuses on understanding (with a view to reducing!) the uncertainties in remotely sensed observations of surface temperature that are instrumental in monitoring climate change impacts such as heatwaves and food scarcity.

She is a member of the National Centre for Earth Observation at King’s College London’s research team as well as a member of the King’s Earth Observation and Environmental Sensing research hub and the Geocomputation hub. In addition to this, Mary leads the Geography department’s Sustainability Champions team.

Mary is currently working on a European Space Agency and NASA co-funded project investigating the impacts of view angle on satellite-derived temperature observations, ‘Technical Assistance for the Evaluation of Directional Effects on Surface Reflectance and Land Surface Temperature (LST) Along the Swath by Means of Airborne Acquisitions (SwathSense)’. The results from this project will be used to inform the design of a new Copernicus satellite, the Land Surface Temperature Monitoring (LSTM) mission.

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King’s College London, Bush House (NE wing), 30 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4BG