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Mr Farrer Owsley-Brown


Farrer’s background is in physics, which he studied for a BSc at Durham University. After graduating, he worked in cyber security. He then returned to academia, completing an MSc in planetary science at UCL and specialised in remote sensing. His master’s research project focussed on how surface radiative flux estimates from satellite measurements could be used to determine sea ice melt in the Arctic. His current PhD research at King’s focusses on determining fire characteristics from remote sensing and the relationship with the smoke produced, as well as how well these new techniques can be used to improve wildfire emissions estimates. He was the science lead for FIDEX, our recent airborne campaign measuring wildfires in Canada (August 2023). Farrer’s PhD is funded by the National Productivity Investment Fund through the London NERC DTP.


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Contact Info

King’s College London, Bush House (NE wing), 30 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4BG