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SLSTR “Fire Channels” – Advisory Report by Professor MJ Wooster

SLSTR Advisory Report Wooster is a copy of advice presented by Prof. MJ Wooster with regard to the forthcoming SLSTR sensor being developed to fly onboard the ESA Sentinel-3 satellite from ~ 2014.

UK Fire and Rescue Service – Data and Documents

This page includes links to documents and data that will help you to build your own fire spread model. The Prometheus step-by-step guide includes instructions on how to achieve this using fuel maps also available on this web page. If you scroll down you will also see a copy of presentations relating to our knowledge exchange work.


Prometheus step-by-side guide


Example Fuel Maps for Prometheus modelling:


If you would like to request a fuel map for your particular area, please fill in the following form: Fuel Map Request Form

County Fuel Map British National Grid Map Size (km) Cell size (m) GE link OS link
Easting Northing x y
Northumberland CartingtonHill_UKH.fgm 403813 604243 2.3 1.7 5 GE OS
Northumberland Thrunton_UKH.fgm 402989 604537 9.0 6.7 5 GE OS
Northumberland Linhope_UKH.fgm 389758 612313 10.7 10.6 5 GE OS
Hampshire Bleasdale_UKH.fgm 355700 449300 9.7 5.8 5 GE OS
Hampshire Anglezarke_UKH.fgm 364700 416400 3.8 2.9 5 GE OS
Staffordshire Hargreaves.fgm 385523 341703 1.4 1.3 5 GE OS
Staffordshire Hopwas.fgm 417194 305338 2.2 2.1 5 GE OS
Staffordshire Sherbrook_UKH.fgm 398935 317439 4.3 4.3 5 GE OS
Denmark Denmark_UKH.fgm 4.2 2.8 5 GE MAP


Prometheus – The Canadian Wildland Fire Growth Model