Wildfire Research at KCL

We use a variety of research approaches to study wildfires, including leading or collaborating on field campaigns almost every year.  In recent years our work has incorporated measurements in North America, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, UK and others.

Click on a title below to discover a little more about our main  research methods:

Click on “impact” for information on some of the various ways our work on satellite remote sensing of active fires and fire radiative power has been used beyond pure science applications.
And here’s a Weather Network TV Report of one of our recent field experiments in Canada.
Click  field campaigns to see a selection of field photographs.

By the way..if you have ever wondered what a “flame” is – check out this video that is the result of a competition launched by Alan Alda in which scientists were challenged to answer the question in a way that an 11-year-old could understand. Ben Ames, Ph.D. candidate in quantum optics at the University of Innsbruck, won top flame video with this great video entry!