How to use the firemap

The firemap web page is composed by two main panels. The upper panel is a map for the spatial information of the fires. And the lower panel is a line chart for the timeline information of the fires.

How to use the map panel

We put function buttons or widgets at the four corners of the map.

Zoom in and out of the map

There are a few ways to zoom in and out:

The colorbar of the fire FRP value

The detected fires are colored by its FRP value. By hover our mouse over the button , user can check the colorbar of the FRP.

Change the base layers and add/remove overlayers

By hover the mouse over the button , user can choose one of the base layers and add/remove multiple overlayers in their favour. User can only choose one base layer from the list.

But user can add/remove multiple overlayers from the list.

Base layer comes from different resource which is publicly available but with limited zoom levels. "Day and Night" overlayer shows sunlight across the landscape on the map.

The latitude and longitude indicator

indicates the mouse coordinates on the map. Also the user can change the coordinates and get a marker on that position viewing the coordinates by clicking, entering the coordinates and pressing "Enter key".

The map scale

The map scale is showed just below the lat-lon indicator

How to use the timeline panel

The lower part of the web page shows the timeline information of the fire map. Each solid dot showed while users move their mouse around the chart represents the total FRP value of that time slot. The coodinates information is showed in the upper right of this panel.

Change the time point of the fire map

The annotation indicated the time point of the slot. Its corresponding spatial distribution of the fires is showed on the map panel. By clicking the solid dot one can view the spatial distribution of the fires at the different time on the timeline.

By default, the fire map will automatically update the fire information once the new time slot is available. Once changed to view the history fire map, it will stop the automation. User has to check the "auto draw latest fires" if one wish to active the automation.

Animation the timeline

Once user changed the time point of the fire map as discussed at the above section. User can play the timeline animation from the chosen histroy time point to the latest time point by clicking the play button. While the animation is playing, the play button will change to pause button for use to stop the animation. User can also press "pre" or "next" button to view the the fire map before and after that time point.

Zoom, pan and restore the timeline chart