Access to Data from Team Projects

MACC II Global Fire Emissions for Atmospheric Monitoring and Forecasting

Near real-time fire radiative power (FRP), fire smoke emissions and atmospheric gas/aerosol concentrations from the Monitoring Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate (MACC-II) EU FP7 Fire Sub-Project. Global data on emissions to the atmosphere and atmospheric concentrations free to access and are updated every few hours.  The KCL Wildfire Team are a member of the MACC-II Fire sub-project team.

EUMETSAT LSA SAF Fire Radiative Power Products

Meteosat Full Earth Disk, 15 minute per-pixel product and hourly per-grid cell product. Data for Africa, Europe and parts of South America on active fire locations and fire radiative power, from which carbon and other emissions to the atmosphere can be calculated. Data are free to access after registration, and updated every 15 minutes. The KCL Wildfire Team developed and operationalised these projects in collaboration with EUMETSAT and the LSA SAF.

KCL-UKFRS Knowledge Exchange Portal

Training documents and data for projects with the UK Fire & Rescue Service

NERC SAMBBA [South American Biomass Burning Analysis] Project Area Data Link

SAMBBA is a NERC Consortium Grant Project studying, amongst other things, the effects of biomass burning on the atmosphere and radiative budget of the Amazon region.   Here are Goolge Earth kml files for the last 3 hours showing locations of MODIS active fire pixels and the last 12 hours GOES active fire/FRP & visible band data of Brazil.  These data helped in targeting sampling patterns conducted by the Met Office/NERC Bae146 research aircraft during its trip to Brazil.

Global Wildfire Monitoring

The real time global wildfire monitoring site developed by Dr. Jiangping He at King’s. Data comes from LSA SAF SEVIRI FRP product (see above).

Team’s Internal Project Pages (password protected)